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    All these tracks are available for free. We don't want any money at all. This all happened ten years ago and we're all off doing other stuff now. If you're desperate to give money to someone, buy Ben Myers' book 'Beastings': . He put out our second album and has allowed us to stream it here and give it away for free. He's also a fantastic writer, so you'd get something out of it as well.




Hello. It's Friday 20th February 2015. I (Conor) wrote a short piece for the Guardian's 'Experience' column about being in a band as a teenager. I think it's going online today, so I thought I'd put together a group of songs for people who might listen to Kinesis for the first time. This collection is broadly representative of what we were like as a band.

We were a bunch of teenagers from Bolton who somehow managed to get a record deal; a sixth form band that got out of hand, essentially. During our few years together we went from playing pubs in Bolton to supporting Muse, Manic Street Preachers and Biffy Clyro, and playing concerts in Japan and the USA. It was all a bit crazy. We signed a big record deal at one point, put out an album and were subsequently dropped when hardly anyone bought it. We put out a second album on an indie label and split up on the day of release.

Being sixth formers, we thought we knew everything about everything. We were a 'political' rock band, so to speak, but we were teenagers, so please bear that in mind if you're listening for the first time. You know what it's like when you're a teenager... Now imagine having that period of growing up recorded on tape. Bizarrely, many of the topics we covered seem more relevant today than ever.

'The Flowers Are Dead', recorded when we were 15/16, is about the rise of right wing politics in Europe (look at Greece today). '...And They Obey' critiques neo-liberal economics and politics ('NAFTA ain't all liberty...' is one of the lines). 'Everything Destroys Itself' could be read as a Marxist commentary on the contradictions inherent in capitalism. I say 'could' because I was reading some Immanuel Wallerstein last night and I'm still exceptionally pretentious. Leopards don't appear to change their spots. 'Perception Management' is about the media misleading its audience (HSBC and The Telegraph, anyone?).

There is no music here from our proper-album-released-on-a-big-label, 'Handshakes for Bullets'. For copyright reasons, that can't be hosted here, lest it was downloaded for free. There is a YouTube playlist of the whole thing here:

The music that is collected here is from the rest of our time in a band. It includes a couple of tracks from our debut mini album, 'Worship Yourself', recorded and relased in 2001, two independent singles released shortly after, a few tracks from our second full album 'You Are Being Lied To',a live version of one of our singles from a radio session, and a B-side that became a live favourite.

If you'd like to hear more, please free to look around the Bandcamp page. Like I said, we were only teenagers. We're in our 30s now and completely aware of the band's limitations. It was fun whilst it lasted!


released February 20, 2015



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Kinesis Bolton, UK

Kinesis were a rock band from Bolton. We self-released a mini album (Worship Yourself) before signing a record deal with Independiente Records. They released an album (Handshakes for Bullets) and a clutch of singles. We recorded one last album (You Are Being Lied To) for Captains of Industry, an indie label. We split up on the day of release. This is an archive of non-Independiente music. ... more

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